Bettoli Vending Embraces Industry Certification In Every Area

vending machines in Miami and South Florida

Bettoli Vending Embraces Industry Certification In Every Area

Every employer knows that a healthy, productive work place requires careful preparation and planning. A company’s vending and vending machines in Miami and South Floridarefreshment service in Miami needs to be as competent and professional as any aspect of a forward-moving business.

How can a conscientious employer know that their Miami vending and refreshment service provider is truly a professional?

The National Automatic Merchandising Association (NAMA), the professional trade organization for vending and refreshment services, has established a series of certifications that designate competence and accomplishment in vending and refreshment services. These include executive certification, route driver certification, and last but not least, coffee certification.

Bettoli Vending of Miami, Fla., a longtime NAMA member, participates in each of the NAMA certifications to ensure the professionalism of its vending and refreshment services. Following is a summary of the NAMA certifications that Bettoli Vending is proud to carry.

Certified Route Driver

No role is more important in vending and refreshment services than the route driver.

Training is an important part of any business, but it is particularly critical in vending where customer servicing takes place away from direct supervision. The NAMA Route Driver Certificate recognizes a driver has demonstrated competence in all aspects of the vending industry that pertain to their daily work activities.

Drivers must pass a test at the completion of their training. Drivers who pass the test receive the Certificate of Completion and a shirt patch bearing the certificate logo.

The Route Driver’s Certification Handbook covers every aspect of the vending industry from the history of vending, routine servicing and sanitation to customer service and marketing to insure that all drivers are certified to current industry standards.

vending machines in Miami and South FloridaCertified Coffee Specialist

The NAMA Certified Coffee Specialist (CCS) is a mark of distinction in the coffee service industry. Because Miami coffee service is an evolving field, the CCS recognition is an important measure of coffee industry competence. The certificate provides professionals who are actively involved in refreshment services the chance to take their skills and knowledge to higher level.

The CCS certification is for company owners, route drivers, customer service representative, sales managers and sales people.

To earn the CCS designation, a professional has to complete a NAMA course of study in the exciting and innovating world of coffee. Members must complete the Quality Coffee Certificate (QCCC) program, a formal course on coffee excellence, or both the Coffee Fundamentals and Brewing Fundamentals sessions.

The QCCC program provides a fundamental yet extensive understanding of coffee production and manufacturing, experience guided tastings and training in the single-serve evaluation process.

Certified Executive

NAMA provides a Certified Executive (NCE) designation to industry professionals who demonstrate commitment, knowledge, integrity and leadership in their field. Industry professionals attain the NCE designation by earning credits for experience, education and leadership in addition to an exam. The NCE certification signifies professionalism in the vending, coffee service and foodservice industries.

The NAMA certifications are based on standards of excellence for the vending and refreshment service industry. The standards of excellence assures patrons that their vending and refreshment service providers are competent.

For more information about healthy snack and beverage options available to businesses in the Miami area, contact your vending partner, Bettoli Vending, at 305-626-0740 to discuss your customized break room solution.

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