Delight in the aroma of fine tea steeping at your workplace

High quality, flavorful teas

Bettoli is the name Miami and South Florida businesses trust for the best tea service

Abundance of flavors

Select from our wide range of tea offerings including national brands and specialty varieties

Drink to better health

Hot tea, especially green tea, has been found to improve your help and prevent certain diseases

Today's trendy beverage

Younger workers are opting for tea, making it an increasingly popular drink in Miami and South Florida

Terrific benefit

A great tea solution from Bettoli will enhance your office coffee service and corporate culture

Fast growing must-have

The popularity of tea is growing as today’s Miami and South Florida workforce chooses to indulge in this healthy, great tasting option

Elevate your break area with a tea program from Bettoli Vending at or (305) 626-0740.