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Today’s most popular line of chips, sweets, treats, and healthy options.

Snack Vending in South Florida Including Miami

Today’s snacker deserves excellence. And Bettoli Vending delivers.  Your employees or guests will love our wide snack variety, especially our line of healthier vending machine snack alternatives. Our state-of-the-art snack vending machines offer the latest advances in technology with guaranteed product delivery via infrared sensors or an automatic refund. In fact, each snack vending machine has a QR code on the front so users can report an issue or request a refund using their mobile device. It’s instant, eliminating the need to find a facility manager and providing an exceptional snack vending experience.

Experts in providing the ideal mix of snack vending machine products to your Miami or South Florida workplace.

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From spicy to savory, we carry all of today’s most popular chip brands and flavors.


Treat yourself to a pastry made with the finest ingredients and baked to perfection.


Enjoy a special treat, with or without milk, from our wide selection of scrumptious cookies.


Refresh your breath and mind with the most popular mint brands and gum flavors.

Gums & Mints

Satisfy your sweet tooth with national brand candy known for quality ingredients and taste.


Delight in snack vending that tastes as good as it is good for you with our nutritious choices.


Don’t settle for ordinary snacks when you could get snack vending machines with a superior selection from Bettoli Vending at and (305) 626-0740.