Bettoli Vending melds the best of technology with trusted vending experience.

Today’s innovative technologies ensure we can provide unparalleled vending service to our customers.

Vending Machines in South Florida Including Miami


You can’t provide the best vending service without technology. That’s why Bettoli Vending has invested in the latest payment hardware, including the Media Merchant vending machine that offers a full range of payment options. Users can use cash, credit/debit cards or even mobile devices with payments like Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

Wireless technology that monitors purchases and the status of products in the vending machine also enhances our customer’s experience. We know before we leave the warehouse what items need to be restocked, ensuring both efficient and timely delivery to break rooms anywhere in Florida.

Innovation isn’t a nice to have, it’s a necessity.

Without investing in new payment, delivery and green technologies, we couldn’t be Florida’s premier vending provider.

Wireless Technology

Bringing vending machines online allows us to know what your location needs before we deliver.

Credit Card Readers

We accept all major credit and debit cards at readers on our vending machines.

Google Wallet

Use your Android device to pay instead of cash for a fast, easy and secure purchase.

Apple Pay

Our vending machines can accept payment via iphone or even the Apple watch.

Guaranteed Product Delivery

Sensors inside our machines ensure a product is delivered, or the purchase price is refunded.

LED Lighting

Energy efficient, these lights appear brighter and the selections more vivid.

Mobile Vending App

Using a QR code users can contact us directly with service issues or a product request.

Energy Efficient

Our equipment is made to high standards meeting criteria in the Energy Efficient program.


In our warehouse, we are going green with initiatives such as recycling all cardboard.

Mobile Request App

Introducing the Bettoli Vending App. Driven by simple instructions on the front of our vending machines, this app allows customers to quickly and easily contact us in the event of a service issue. Now there is no longer the need to completely rely on a service representative. Users can even use the app to make product requests.


Go with a company that invests in the future of vending technology with Bettoli Vending at  and (305) 626-0740.