Milk, Light Bulbs, and Taste Buds in Miami

beverage vending machines in Miami and Florida

Milk, Light Bulbs, and Taste Buds in Miami

A healthy lifestyle is the sum of many small parts. Each small part on its own may not seem important, but when it is part of something vending machines in Miami and South Floridabigger, it is easier to see the role it plays. Making healthy snack choices from the breakroom vending machine when you are at work is one way to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. While most of us think about our food choices, many of us don’t realize that the vending machine itself is one of the small parts that plays a role in the bigger picture.


An important and necessary component of every healthy vending machine in Miami and South Florida is lighting; otherwise, it is difficult to see which healthy snack or beverage to choose. The switch from fluorescent light bulbs to light-emitting diode (LED) light bulbs in breakroom vending machines continues to occur as LED bulbs offer unique benefits. Compared to other types of light bulbs, the LED light bulb emits light in a specific direction without substantial loss of light, and emits less overall heat. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Energy states that “today’s LED bulbs can be six-seven times more energy efficient than conventional incandescent lights and cut energy use by more than 80 percent.”

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Conserving energy through light bulb choice is just one reason to consider using LED light bulbs in your Miami vending machine. According to a recent study at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech) titled “Retail Lighting and Packaging Influence Consumer Acceptance of Fluid Milk,” the type of light and packaging used in retail beverage coolers has an impact on the taste of the milk stored in that container. The researchers found that LED light bulbs caused less oxidation of the milk than fluorescent light bulbs did regardless of packaging type. In other words, the LED light bulbs caused the least amount of change to the structure of the milk resulting in what their participants described as better tasting milk.

A Healthy Beverage

The taste or flavor of milk is important for Miami and South Florida residents as they are more likely to purchase milk again if it tastes good. Per the Virginia Tech study, milk stored under LED lighting also retains more nutrients such as riboflavin, vitamins A and D, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and other vitamins and minerals because there has been less breakdown. Calcium, another mineral in milk, helps to build and maintain bones, teeth, and muscle mass in adults and children. In addition to the vitamins and minerals it provides, milk is an excellent source of high quality protein as there is more protein in one cup of milk than in one large egg.

What combination of small parts do you use to help maintain a healthy lifestyle? Have you considered adding healthy snack and beverages to your Miami office breakroom? Contact Bettoli Vending at (305) 626-0740 for more information.

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